This page is a repository for papers that emerge from the discussions/interactions at KITP.

Remember the KITP requests that: Any manuscript for which the KITP's facilities are used, and any research which is started and/or completed at the KITP should have the following acknowledgment: This research was supported in part by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. PHY05-51164. Manuscripts also should be assigned a KITP report number. Please email Reports and one will be issued to you. If you are posting the paper to the arXiv, please send us the number that is assigned to it so that we can fetch a copy of the paper for our files and establish a link to it from our web page. If you do not post to the arXiv, please be certain that we receive a copy of the paper.

It would also be useful for the organisers if all papers that ackowledge the program are linked to from here. Please put them or link to them

1) Cattaneo, F. & Hughes D.W Problems with kinematic mean field electrodynamics at high magnetic Reynolds numbers submitted to MNRAS.
2) Tobias, S.M., Cattaneo, F. & Brummell, N.H. Dynamos with Penetration, Rotation and Shear, Astrophysical Journal in Press
3) P. H. Diamond, O. D. Gurcan, T. S. Hahm, K. Miki, Y. Kosuga and X. Garbet Momentum Theorems and the Structure of Atmospheric Jets and Zonal Flows in Plasmas, in press, Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
4) Ryan, D.A. & Sarson, G.R. The geodynamo as a low-dimensional deterministic system at the edge of chaos in press, Europhysics Letters.
5) Tobias, S.M. & Cattaneo, F. On the limited role of spectra in dynamo theory in press, Physical Review Letters.
6) Nataf, H-C., T. Alboussiere, D. Brito, P. Cardin, N. Gagniere, D. Jault and D. Schmitt, Rapidly rotating spherical Couette flow in a dipolar magneticfield: an experimental study of the mean axisymmetric flow, Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, in press, doi:
7) Brandenburg, A.: 2008, ``The dual role of shear in large-scale dynamos,'' Astron. Nachr. 329, 725-731
8) Brandenburg, A.: 2008, ``Large-scale dynamos at low magnetic Prandtl numbers,'' Astrophys. J. (submitted)
9) Gubbins, D.: 2008, " Kinematic dynamo action in a sphere with weak differential rotation ", to be submitted to Geophys. Astrophys. Fluid Dyn.